As a photographer based in Paris and originally from Mumbai, India, I devote my life to capturing the beauty and complexity of the people and places around me. My passion for photography is rooted in a deep desire to showcase the tenacity of the human spirit, celebrating the perseverance and strength of the people. I specialize in Documentary photography and Photoreportage which is deep-rooted with my purpose of existence. I believe every individual has a unique story to tell, and my goal is to bring those stories to light, helping to build bridges of understanding and empathy between people from all walks of life. The second side of my photographic hand is my love for architecture photography, utilizing my skills in design principles and spatial understanding to create images that translate spaces into frames.
While I am humbled by the recognition my work has received, including awards from prestigious programs such as the Climate Visuals Countdown and TED Countdown, and the honor of having my photographs showcased at major events including the TED Countdown Summit in Edinburgh and the UN Climate Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, I remain committed to using my vision to create meaningful and impactful images. I am currently working on a long-term project on Autism in France.
My work has been published and featured on numerous platforms, including Architectural Digest India, ELLE Decor India, NatGeoTravellerIndia, Go-Air India's In-flight Magazine, Canon India etc. I am grateful for every opportunity to share my vision with others. I have also been fortunate enough to receive recognition such as an honorable mention in the World Photographer's Club International photography competition, and the Public Interiors award at the Rethinking the Future – One-Click Architecture Photography Competition. I also received the Silver Medalist award at the ACARA-Asian Contest of Architectural Rookie's Competition.

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